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Introducing goHeather
Introducing goHeather

A brief summary of the goHeather application

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goHeather is an employment contract generator. goHeather gives employers the power to create and send for e-signature industry-standard employment contracts from templates created by local lawyers.

goHeather has a suite of tools that allow employers to limit liability, set down terms of employment and store key employee information: Contract Generator and employer Dashboard CRM.

goHeather acts in part as your HR person so you can spend less time on hiring and more time on your business.

The challenge of building your own employment contract

Without a lawyer, you run the risk of creating an unenforceable employment contract. There are countless ways even a single word in your employment contract can void it.

For example, if you draft your own employment contract for your business, and an employee sues your business for wrongful dismissal, and the court finds that your termination clause is unenforceable, you could be liable for common law damages, which can be as high as six times more expensive than statutory minimum entitlements.

This is why goHeather helps you create an employment contract, based on a template created by local lawyers, that allows your business to enforce statutory minimum employment entitlements instead of common law entitlements, among other employer-friendly terms.

The benefits of using goHeather

All the terms and conditions of employment your business needs

goHeather is lawyer-made to ensure your employment contract contains all the key clauses a savvy business ought to have in their employment contract, including:

  • Multi-option termination clauses

  • Multi-option restrictive covenants

  • Multi-option bonus clauses, including bonus termination protections

  • Employment standard minimum entitlement options

  • Constructive dismissal protections

  • Modern, covid era clauses

  • Remote and hybrid work options

  • Probation clause

  • Background check consent

  • Fixed-term and indefinite terms

  • Temporary layoff clause

  • Non-disparagement clause

  • Intellectual property agreement

  • Common contract protection terms

  • And more

goHeather's employment contract templates are custom-made for each jurisdiction we operate in. The law is different in every jurisdiction. What is legal in one state or province can be illegal in another, and so goHeather contracts are unique for each jurisdiction (i.e. province) we offer a contract in.

Contract Generator

goHeather's lawyers drafted the legal language so you don't have to. In fact, with goHeather, you cannot even add your own language to our employment contract because we want to prevent you from making any mistakes that could void your employment contract.

goHeather's Contract Generator works by prompting you to answer a few questions in our application. goHeather then takes your answers and inputs them into our lawyer-made template.

Dashboard CRM

View a list of all your employees in goHeather's CRM Dashboard or click an employee's profile to view key information for that employee. All the information stored in an employee's profile is created automatically in the onboarding process when you create that employee's employment contract. Also, use the CRM dashboard to download or view a copy of each employee's employment contract.

πŸ“ƒ Make your own employment contract using goHeather here.

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