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How To Create An Employment Contract With goHeather (Video)
How To Create An Employment Contract With goHeather (Video)

Step by step instructions for making a new employment contract with video

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It's easy to make an employment contract with goHeather. Once you're inside our app, all you have to do is fill out a quick form on the left side of the screen. As you fill out the form, the contract (preview) on the right side of the screen will fill itself out.

If you need help, watch this video to see a walkthrough and see how to build your own employment contract with goHeather, step by step. And read below for a written summary of the transcript of the video explaining each step of making your own employment contract from the beginning to the end. Or, read our description, with pictures, on how to use goHeather here.

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS (transcript summary)

Contract Builder

The first step in making your own employment contract, naturally, is to begin filling out the boxes on the form in our app on the left side of the screen.


Fill in your company name in the first box. It can be your company’s legal name or its trade name.

Then enter the location where your business operates. If you have multiple locations, choose your headquarters.

You have to fill out every box to move to the Next page. Once you’ve done that, click the button that says "Next" to proceed.


This page asks about your candidate’s information.

Insert the candidate's name, then their email address.

Moving on, you are asked for the name of the position for your candidate. This is the name of their job, for example, “analyst” or “receptionist”.

Then, answer whether your candidate will work on-site, remote or on a hybrid basis. Click the circle button corresponding to which type of arrangement will apply. If you chose “on-site” or “hybrid”, you will be asked to confirm the address of where the candidate will work. Change the location if it is not correct.

By the way, Click the tooltip button beside the box to learn about what the box is asking for if you have any questions. The tooltip button is there for many other boxes along the way that you may have questions about too. Also, open the chat widget on the bottom right of the screen if you have any further questions.

Lastly, put in the name and email of your candidate’s manager. It can be anyone, even yourself. We ask about the manager so that we have a name and an email to give the candidate if they have any questions before they start work.

Click Next to move to the next page.


This page asks about the timeline for your candidate.

Fill in the start date.

Click Yes or No to choose whether to insert a probationary period in the employment contract.

After that, choose whether the employment contract is for an indefinite duration or for a fixed term.

Complete this page by answering whether the job is full-time or part-time, and then click the Next button.

Pay and Benefits

This page asks about certain compensation for your candidate.

Answer if it’s an hourly wage or annual salary candidate.

Then, answer how often the candidate will be paid. Biweekly is standard.

After that, answer how your candidate will be paid: direct deposit or check.

Then, answer if you will provide your candidate with a bonus. If you do, we've made it easy to set down a bonus formula, and in this way, you will be asked whether the bonus is a fixed amount or a percentage of their annual salary. Then you will be asked how often the candidate will receive this bonus. Next, input the bonus amount, and answer when your fiscal start and ends dates occur. Finish off the bonus section by answering whether the decision to pay a bonus will be at your discretion or not.

Lastly, on this page, answer whether you will be providing standard group benefits to your candidate and type in any fringe benefits you will promise them in the final field, which is optional.

Click Next to move to the next page.


This page asks about your candidate’s vacation entitlements. Click the button to choose how many vacation days you want to provide them. In Ontario, where we are making this example contract in the video, you can’t choose anything less than two weeks, because that’s the minimum law, but if you want to give the employee more than 3 weeks per year, click the "Other" button, and an input box will appear.

Click next to move to the next page.


This page asks about resignation. Click the button to choose if you want your employee to give you advanced notice if they quit. If yes, choose how much notice the employee must provide before quitting by choosing one of the inputs in the box.

Click Next to move to the next page.

Restrictive Covenants

On this page, click the corresponding button if you want to insert a specific restrictive covenant, like a non-solicitation clause, into your contract.

Click Next to move to the next page.


On this page, click the corresponding button if you want to insert a termination clause in your contract. If you choose a formula for greater than minimum statutory notice, choose how many weeks’ notice you want to provide your candidate for every year of completed service.

Click Next to move to the next page.

Background Check

This is the last step of the contract. On this page, answer yes or no if you want to ask the candidate to consent to a background check that you may do separately outside of goHeather on your own.

Click Next to move to the next page to review the contract.

Sign Up

On this page, you can view the contract you just built yourself in full. If you decide to purchase it, click the Signup button on the left part of the screen to make an account with goHeather. Before you can download your new contract, you must sign up to goHeather.

Input your email address and create a new password to sign up.

If you already have an account with goHeather, click the “Login” button, and input your email and password.

Pay for Contract

After you’ve signed into goHeather, the next step is paying for your contract.

On this page, you can also review your contract one last time, on the right side of the screen, before deciding to make the purchase.

When you are ready to purchase the contract, click the “Buy Now” button on the left side of the screen.

Click to Accept our terms and conditions, and you will be brought to a secure checkout.

Enter your credit card information to proceed.

After you've successfully purchased your new contract, you will be redirected back to the goHeather dashboard, where you must click the “Manage Contract” button in the center of the screen to proceed to download or send the contract.

Manage Contract

In the “Manage Contract” page, you can click a button to view or download your contract.

You can also send your contract to your candidate to sign from this page. You can preview what the email to the candidate will look like by clicking the “Preview Email” button, and once you’re done, you can click the “Send” button to have goHeather email the candidate the contract.

If you sent the contract to the candidate through goHeather, you will receive an email notifying you when the candidate signs their contract. After that, you can view all your new employee’s key information in the goHeather dashboard by clicking on the left-hand menu bar button that says “Employees” and once you got to that "Employees" page, click the "Employee Profile" button of your new employee to view them.

📃 Make your own employment contract using goHeather here.

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