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Remote Work

The definition of "remote work".

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Remote work is an employment model where the employer and the employee have agreed that the employee shall work away from the office, generally on a full time basis and in most cases, permanently.

In most remote work models, the employee is only permitted to work from home in the same jurisdiction as the employer. To that end, most employers operating with a remote work model prohibit employees who work remotely from moving to a different jurisdiction. Or, if the remote employee is permitted to move to a different jurisdiction, they would be subject to a demotion in pay.

Ending remote work for an employee who is permitted to work remotely could result in a construcuve dismissal unless the employee's contract explicitly permits the employee to recall the employee to the employer's office without triggering a breach of contract.

goHeather's employment contracts have the option to include a remote work clause that permits the employer to recall the employee without triggering a breach of contract.

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