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Non-Disparagement Clause
Non-Disparagement Clause

The definition of "non-disparagement clause".

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A non-disparagement clause is a provision in an employment contract that prohibits the employee from denigrating the employer. An employer may use a non-disparagement clause when they want to prevent employees from speaking negatively about them after they have left their job or while they are still working there.

What Is a Non-Disparagement Clause?

When an employer requires someone to sign an employment contract, they often include a clause that prohibits the employee from making negative statements about the employer or the company. This type of clause is known as a "non-disparagement" clause.

Non-disparagement clauses are intended to protect the goodwill and reputation of the employer by prohibiting employees from making statements which could damage their image in any way.

A solid non-disparagement clause prohibits employees from denigrating their employer in any capacity, including on social media.

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