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The definition of "manager"

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A manager is a person who is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of a group of people in an organization. Their job is to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and effectively by setting goals, providing guidance, and making decisions. Some common duties of a manager include planning and organizing work, delegating tasks, monitoring progress, and evaluating performance. They may also be responsible for hiring and training employees, managing budgets, and developing strategies to improve the organization's operations.

The difference between a manager and an employee depends on the context and the specific laws that apply in a certain jurisdiction.

In general, however, a manager is considered to be a more senior position than an employee and may have different rights and responsibilities. For example, managers may have the authority to make decisions and take actions on behalf of the organization, while employees may not.

In some cases, managers may also be considered "exempt" from certain employment laws, such as overtime pay requirements, while employees may not be. Just because an employer classifies an employee as a manager does not make them so, however. Only a person whose work is managerial in character and who may perform non-managerial tasks on an irregular basis is a manager under the law.

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