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Fixed Term Employment
Fixed Term Employment

The definition of "fixed term employment"

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Fixed term employment is a type of employment contract in which the employee is hired for a specific period of time, rather than on an indefinite basis. This means that the employee's term of employment is determined in advance and is not subject to renewal or extension unless both the employer and the employee agree to it. Fixed term employment contracts are commonly used for seasonal or temporary positions, or for positions that are expected to last for a specific project or task. The terms of the contract, including the length of the term, are typically specified in the employment contract.

Fixed term employment contracts are less common than indefinite term employment contracts, and they do carry the risk that the employer may be required to pay the balance of the fixed term if they terminate the employee before the end of the contract. Indefinite term employment contracts, on the other hand, are more common and do not have this risk, since the employment relationship continues until it is terminated by either the employer or the employee.

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