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What Are Tokens?
What Are Tokens?

A summary of what tokens are and how many tokens you can expect to use.

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What are Tokens?

goHeather AI contract review is powered by OpenAI’s API. Specifically, goHeather is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 text generation model.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 text generation model processes text in chunks called tokens. "Tokens" refer to the units of text processing capability provided by OpenAI's API.

Understanding Tokens

Tokens are essentially pieces of text, where one token roughly corresponds to about a short word or a few characters (1 token is approximately 4 characters or 0.75 words for English text).

When you submit a contract for review on our AI contract review application, the AI analyzes the text by breaking it down into tokens. Tokens are used to review the text of the contract and in generating our analysis of the contract.

How Tokens are Used in our AI Contract Review

Every time a contract is reviewed on our application, it consumes a certain number of tokens. The number of tokens used depends on the length and complexity of the contract.

Token Allocation

As part of our service, each customer is allocated a certain number of tokens per day. This allocation is designed to cover typical usage needs, ensuring you can regularly review contracts without running out of tokens.

  • Daily Token Limit: Pro Plans have a daily limit of tokens to use for contract reviews. This limit resets every 24 hours. The limit for the Pro Plan is 100,000 tokens per day.

  • Example: Lets say your contract has 10 pages and each page is 500 short words. This would be a 5,000 word contract. To review this contract, our system might use 3,750 tokens to read the contract and another 2,000 to draft a response to you. Thus in total, this example contract review may consume about 5,750 tokens.

  • Conclusion: goHeather AI contract review uses tokens to review contracts. Each Pro Plan user is permitted 100,000 tokens per day. 100,000 tokens would allow approximately 17 contract reviews per day, assuming each contract is 10 pages long.

  • ***Some contracts may require far more tokens than others and you should assume your contract will require more tokens than the example above. However, you should assume that your Pro Plan subscription will handle at least a couple contracts per day.

Managing Your Token Usage

To make the most of your token allocation, consider the following tips:

  • Prioritize Important Contracts: Focus on reviewing contracts that are most critical to your business needs first.

  • Monitor Token Usage: Keep an eye on your token consumption to ensure you have enough tokens left for essential reviews throughout the day.

  • Plan for High-Volume Periods: If you anticipate needing more reviews in a certain period, plan your token usage accordingly to avoid running out.

  • Upgrade When Necessary: If you need to review a lot of contracts every day, consider upgrading to our Enterprise Plan, where you can choose how many Tokens you need above 100,000. Email us to get details about our Enterprise Plans.

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